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Need high-value clients delivered to you every month?

Are you a small business owner, a consultant, a though-leader, a professional service provider?

Are you ready to scale your business using what 1% of business owners know that you don't?

Our team at NTARGET.US Customer Acquisition Technology help business owners maximize their profitability by acquiring high-paying clients predictably.

By implementing leading-edge strategies, we are able to help our partners acquire clients on-demand for at a fraction of what their competitors are paying.

We are not a good fit for everyone as results may vary depending on multiple factors, including the experience and processes of each company we work with. By choosing only to work with businesses that are reliable and committed to their growth, our clients typically generate an 8X return on their investment.

To maximize results and to prevent from competing against ourselves, we do limit our service area to 1 local business owner in each niche in each market per 5 to 10 mile radius. (Our strategies have been proven to produce results in US, Canada and UK.)

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What we believe!

  • We believe technology client acquisition should be goal focused and planning driven, not just based on lead generation.

  • We believe lead generation should be based on the science of technology customer acquisition and it's application, not just using Google, Facebook, Instagram.

  • We believe your technology client acquisition partner should have the obligation to put your business interest first and act out of fiduciary duty, not self-interest.

  • We believe your technology client acquisition partner should always have the courage to tell you truth, even when you don't specially wish to hear it.

  • Most important, we believe these principles and practices are most businesses' best chance to grow and take their business to the next level.

Taking Business To The Next Level

and Changing Lives

1. Growth Strategy

  • Creative, personalized client acquisition and retention strategies for local business that have a long-term growth runway.

  • We partner in future growth opportunities which allow owners to retain equity. This benefits them significant growth from capital investment within a short-period of time to continue to compete with national chains.

  • As a growth-based partner, we are dedicated to seeking out new opportunities for extraordinary growth and profits. We are committed to research and innovation of new strategies to add value to our partners - business owners.

2. Competitive Focus

  • Client Acquisition and Client Retention.

  • Digital Infrastructure.

  • Software Management and Automation.

  • Category Design and Capitalization.

  • Local Celebrity and Category Domination

3. Value-Added Management

  • Our team is formed of professionals and subject-matter-experts in specialized area of expertise. Our founder alone has over 21+ years experience in local and national business partnership, management and marketing.

  • This in-house technical team provides unparalleled support and coaching to allow for significant partnership with our business owners. Our ability to provide value and problem solve for each unique business cannot be overvalued.

Our Core Values

Continues Improve

We believe that as a business, there is no standing still. No seating duck. You are either improving or you’re constantly struggling on your way out. We believe that holds true for our business as well as the business we partner with. Our mission is to apply technology strategies in a growth-focused manner to help your business grow with poised while ensuring significant focus on the quality of your service.

Do The Hard Work

We apply technology strategies, deliver results that matter and achieved success for our partners by applying the same strategy over and over again: Do the hard work. In a world of easy digital competition, hard work is often the only thing standing between your competitors and you. We always do the hard work.

Make Impact

All of our Clients have questions, concerns, frustrations, or just want to open the door and expose the "skeleton" in the closet. We are here for you. Our Technology strategies are created for a win-win-win. We strive to grow your business and change lives.

Your Business First

As your Technology Marketing Partner we have the obligation to put your business interest first and act out of fiduciary duty, not self-interest. We believe that following this principle and practice is most businesses' best chance to grow and take their business to the next level. Doing the right thing for our partners provides the best long-term benefit for both sides.

How we go started

About our Founder

U l i s e s M a r t i n e z

10 Things you didn't know about U l i s e s M a r t i n e z:

  • Ulises Believe and Trust in God and enjoy working with alike people.

  • He is from Brooklyn, New York

  • Ulises was raised in the Dominican Republic (Caribbean Island).

  • Ulises is a U.S. Veteran for Life!

  • Ulises has worked as a Contractor at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Headquarters

  • Ulises grew a brick-and-mortar small business from boot-strap to over 5 million dollars.

  • Ulises received a letter of Appreciation from the Pentagon Secretary of Defense while working on the Reconstruction of the Pentagon During 9/11. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Ulises has worked with U.S. Government Agencies across the U.S. nationwide and World wide.

  • Ulises attended High School at "Don Bosco" a Salesian High School in the Dominican Republic

  • Ulises is an American Legion Member for Life!

He is passionate about making a difference, and helping others. Ulises is committed to helping the small business community by delivering results and changing lives.

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At though-leader.

A professional service provider...

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